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November 14, 2023

New CCS/TSC/uNIS Release 1.0.31324

New releases of CCS5, TSC and uNIS version 1.0.31324 are now available. Common Enhancements for TSC and CCS5 CCS5-specific Enhancements Bugfixes

November 23, 2018


A beta version of the PowerPC CPU core model is now available in the nigthly builds. The current modelled CPU is based on the PPC750, i.e. 32 bit, without Altivec support.

March 7, 2016


For TEMU 2.2 there will be some API breakage, firstly the count parameter of the temu_addInterface function will be removed. This parameter is not used at present. If you are using the emulator from C++, the parameter has a default argument, so it should not have any significant effect. The second more fundamental change will […]