Following is a listing of all the products available in the TGSS Suite. Click on any of the products for more information.


Spacecraft Control Software

SCS5 is the spacecraft monitor and control product from Terma. A multi-user application that can support single and multiple satellite configurations. SCS5 is used for all phases of spacecraft operations, from operations preparation and launch through to routine operations.

  • Spacecraft control system
  • Advanced monitoring and control functions
  • Scalable from cubesats to constellations
  • Automated operations

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Real-time Graphical Visualization and Analysis of Spacecraft Data.

track provides accurate, real-time graphical visualisation and analysis of spacecraft in orbit around the Earth and ground stations.

  • Orbit trajectory visualization
  • Real-time 3D animation
  • Display includes spacecraft attitude, payload field of view (FOV), swath path
  • Station visibility (AOS and LOS)
  • Touch-screen interaction

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Flight Dynamics System

orbit is a multi-mission, multi-spacecraft flight dynamics system. It is designed for automated operations scenarios, providing a wide range of mission configurations from low-earth to geostationary orbits. It is built on the Terma Flight Dynamics framework.

  • Orbit determination
  • Orbit propagation
  • Manoeuvre planning
  • Command generation

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Spacecraft Test Software

CCS5 is the spacecraft checkout product from Terma. A multi-user application that can support single and multiple satellite configurations. CCS5 is used as part of an EGSE for spacecraft assembly and integration testing.

  • Spacecraft test system
  • AIT from instruments through to complete spacecraft
  • Flexible and scalable deployments
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • High performance

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Spacecraft Test Software (single user)

TSC is a single user, lightweight version of CCS5 that can be used for a variety of purposes including instrument/payload testing.

  • Single user spacecraft test system
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Quick installation and setup
  • Automated test execution
  • Engineer-friendly test language

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High Performance Micro-processor Emulator.

TEMU is an advanced micro processor emulator, currently targeted at emulating common processors and devices used in European spacecraft. The emulator is fully capable of emulating multi-core processors.

  • Flight processor emulator
  • Supports ERC32, LEON2, LEON3, LEON4, ARM
  • Bundled device models
  • Flight software debugging
  • Fast, accurate timing

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SLE Interfaces for Ground Stations

uNIS is the gateway between the Spacecraft Control System and Ground Stations, providing means for Telemetry and Telecommands transfer using the CCSDS Space Link Extension services (SLE). uNIS is also used for ground testing applications between the main test system and the TM/TC Front-end Equipment.

  • Ground station interfaces
  • Provides inter-operability

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Thermal Control and Data Handling

STAMP is a powerful data acquisition, presentation, and control system for conducting large-scale thermal test campaigns. It offers reliability, flexibility, user-friendliness, and a high overall capacity, allowing large teams of operators and customers to efficiently work together on the test.

  • Data acquisition, presentation and control for thermal test campaigns
  • Advanced data presentation products
  • User Friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Automated test execution
  • Supports a wide variety of heaters and data acquisition devices



Preparation Tools - database, procedures

  • Spacecraft test and operations preparation
  • Operations procedures editor
  • Satellite database tool
  • Data configuration management

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Operations Planning

  • Mission planning
  • Automation & manual planning
  • Rules and constraints
  • Conflict checking & resolution
  • Timeline generation
  • Onboard schedules

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Data Analysis Tool

  • Full mission performance analysis
  • Trend analysis, anomalies and fault detection
  • Numerous data export formats

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