Data Base Manager

DBM (Data Base Manager) is a free MS-Access-based application to prepare and check MIB databases. It produces MIB files compatible with CCS, TSC and SCOS2000

The MIB is a set of text files, formatted according to the ESA SCOS2000 ASCII MIB.

DBM is provided free of any license, Terma does not claim any IPR over this tool, since it was originally developed by ESA. Terma implemented some enhancements, problem fixes and simplified the installation. Please read the appropriate “Read Me” document below before installing.

Users of DBM should also be aware, that it relies on a now-obsolete MS Access engine (see the link below), which you may have to install separately. We cannot guarantee that this back compatibility package will continue to be maintained by Microsoft.

Important notes:

DBM is free to use, but Terma no longer maintains or supports it.

DBM Standalone Installers2.22.12.0
Release Note and Installation Instructionsdownloaddownloaddownload

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