March 28, 2024

TUR and Users Activity are now optional


CCS5 has long been offering these two features that are enabled by default. However, they are required only in a handful of projects, and may cause inconvenience for others. Therefore, we have decided to turn them off by default, and projects that need them can still enable them in settings.

TUR (Test Utilisation Reports) provide test coverage of your MIB after a test session. From now on, CCS5 will generate these reports upon session stop or switch only if the following setting is true:

set utope::settings(Session/runTUR) true

Of course, you can generate these reports manually independently of this setting. More details are available in UM Vol. 4 chapter “Utilisation Reports”.

Users Activity is a SQL table in the “ccs5” database that is populated when users start a CCS5 session, join, switch or stop it. This is offered for audit purposes. From now on, CCS5 will populate this table only if the following setting is set:

set utope::settings(Log/usersActivity) CCS5DB

Both features remain part of our regular in-house testing of CCS5.