July 26, 2023

TEMU 4.0.3


TEMU 4.0.3

TEMU 4.0.3 is a critical bug fix, addressing the following:

TEMU 4.0.2

TEMU 4.0.2 is a bug fix release, addressing the following:

TEMU 4.0.1

TEMU 4.0.1 is a bug fix release, addressing the following:

TEMU 4.0.0

Terma is proud to announce that TEMU 4, a new major version of TEMU has been released.

This version introduces two major new features:

Parallelisation of TEMU

TEMU now has a parallel processor scheduler, enabling the parallel emulation of multi-core processors. The scheduler enables the user to configure a number of threads (based on available system resources), and assign processor cores to the individual threads. We have observed close to optimal speedup in several cases using this scheduler. Note that the legacy single-threaded machine model scheduler is still available and can be used if exact determinism is needed.

User Configurable Speed Factor

TEMU now enables the user to configure an average Cycles per Instruction (CPI) or Instructions per Cycle (IPC) factor. This enables us to statically adjust the throughput of instructions per simulated second without adjusting physical parameters such as the clock frequency which is used by timers.

The feature enables a user to adjust the speed of the simulation, which can be an advantage when real-time performance is needed.