December 11, 2023

Tcl packages to access MySQL and PostgreSQL are deprecated


This announcement affects only users of the mysqltcl and Pgtcl packages. These are 3rd-party open source packages that haven’t been supported by their respective authors for many years, and we received a number of bug reports related to them. Therefore, these packages are planned for removal in the next CCS5 release.

Instead of them we suggest to use the IDX library that provides an abstraction layer over differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL, and has been available in CCS5 in many years. It is documented in CCS5 UM vol.4 chapter “Database access using IDX Library”. It should fulfill the need to access a session results DB directly, when you can’t use PART, DART or RAT.

In case you need a generic DB access without CCS5 specifics, we suggest to use TDBC. This is the package that we use ourselves inside the IDX library. Official API documentation is available here, and we recommend reading this extensive manual as well.