December 17, 2019

New Release 1.0.26081


New releases of CCS5 and TSC are available on the website.

Common enhancements for TSC and CCS5:
• Upgraded Qt to version 5.13.1, Tcl to 8.6.9 and Itcl to 4.1.2.
• Support for IPV4 checksums in TM and TC packet error control.
• added two new MIB tables holding metadata about TC stacks (stk.dat) and TOPE sequences (seq.dat)
• utope::processtmpacket has a new syntax that allows to skip default arguments
• Various GUI improvements in the MIB Viewer
• Added two new columns in MIB ICD: PID_PFIELD to allow a custom OBT format for a specific packet; and PID_CORR to disable time correlation on a specific packet
• A new widget “TM Configuration” under the Tools menu provides GUI to control various TM dynamic settings that used to be accessible only in TOPE via TM::Status
• Added the Tcl TLS package to the installers

CCS5-specific enhancements:
• TCHIST allows to save selected telecommands in a stack file
• PART retrievals can be done in a gnuplot-compatible format
• PART allows to save & load an input parameter list to/from a file (.part)
• RAT allows to export a performance report of a session that shows number of rows inserted in each RDBMS table per second
• Heartbeats are now always distributed via NATS. The UDP broadcast option has been removed.
• The word “REALTIME” in session names has been shortened to “RT”. This gives a bit more space for a user’s suffix, given the total session name limitation of 63 characters.

• Better handling of some rare corner cases in PART retrievals
• Better compatibility with the CNES Myriade platform
• CCS5 should not use system proxy settings for connections between clients and a server.
• Various stability fixes