May 7, 2020

Deprecation of 32 bit releases of CCS and uNIS


In order to provide improved support of current platforms, we have made a decision to deprecate 32 bit Windows releases of CCS and uNIS. For the last few years we have been delivering CCS exclusively for 64 bit platforms, and the 32 bit uNIS was never used. This will enable us to provide maintenance and bugfixing more efficiently for 64 bit Windows and Linux releases of CCS.Therefore, download links of 32 bit nightly builds have been removed from the website. Of course, you still have access to previous official releases under the “Old releases” link.

This deprecation does not include TSC. The 32 bit Windows release of TSC is still of interest to some customers due to compatibility with some plugins that exist only in 32 bit. So, we will keep its development and maintenance in the foreseeable future.

If this decision has implications for your project, please contact Terma ASAP.

Note that Linux versions of our current products always were 64 bit only.