CCS5 Documentation and Help

A short presentation about CCS5 and TSC can be downloaded here.

The CCS5 Data Sheet can be downloaded here.

Help with CCS Installation

CCS5 can be installed on Windows (latest version tested is Windows 10) using this procedure, and on Linux (latest version tested is OpenSuse Leap 15.1) following this procedure.

Migrating from TSC to CCS5? Some info here.

Wiki Page

Many of your questions or issues may already be answered in the CCS Wiki using the same credentials as used for this site.

Formal documentation

You will find below the latest official CCS5 documentation to open or download:

Title Reference Revision Download
Design DescriptionCCS-TER-DD-0012.18
Interface Control DocumentCCS-TER-ICD-0011.5
CCS Application User ManualCCS-TER-MAN-0011.45
TOPE reference ManualCCS-TER-MAN-0021.28
TCL Language Reference ManualCCS-TER-MAN-0031.11
User Manual AppendicesCCS-TER-MAN-0041.15
Constellation Control ManualCCS-TER-MAN-0051.3
CCS5 plugin User ManualCCS-TER-MAN-0071.10
EDEN plugin User ManualCCS-TER-MAN-0071.15
CNC plugin User ManualCCS-TER-MAN-0071.16
Synoptic Editor and Animator User ManualSYN-TER-MAN-0011.11